It takes 8 – 12 minutes for our bodies to tell our brains that we’re full. So don’t continue to eat in these 8 – 12 minutes since you’re already full.

Next some tips:

  • Eat until 80% full, then stop, if you don’t stop early, you’ll over eat.
  • Order salads/veggies as sides, rather than fries or potatoes. Super size is very tempting…
  • Use smaller plates to control portions when tempted.
  • Choose natural carbohydrates. Avoid over processed carbohydrates. Choose whole wheat over white flour. Brown sugar instead of white sugar. Use brown rice rather than white rice.
  • Eat more colors. Reduce bread, rise, potatoes, pasta… Eat more colorful fruits and veggies.
  • More fresh food – less processed food.
  • Eat more smaller meals, rather than fewer larger meals. Small portion meals 4 – 5 times a day is recommended. These should be divided up to eat at 3 different times.
  • If you eat right, you shouldn’t feel sleepy after eating.
  • Get the most calories from lunch, not dinner. You have ,ore chance to burn off early-day calories then dinner calories.
  • Don’t eat 2 hours before sleep. Our metabolism slows down while sleeping. What we eat before sleep gets stored up.
  • Remember: It takes only 21 days to build a new good habit. Keep it up!

Belly fat happens for two Reasons:

  1. Too many carbohydrates causes insulin levels to go sky high. Insulin = the fat-storing hormone.
  • Sugar – cut the carbs and lower tour insulin.
  • Stress – your body pumps out another hormone called cortisol. Excess cortisol is a signal for the storage of belly fat.
  1. Figure Out how to manage your stress. Managing stress need to be on your radar. Stress is one of the four main “Horsemen of Aging”. Always remember: keep an open mind to new ideas, always do your homework, common sense.

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